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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sunday 20th May

Today after breakfast we made our way down to the Fort St. Elmo as we intended to watch the military re-enactment 'Alarme' which portrays the French invasion and occupation under Napoleon Bonaparte (1798 - 1800).  We had missed the historical re-enactment which had taken place the Sunday before, so were looking forward to this one, although we weren't at all sure what to expect!  The start time was given as 11 a.m. but we arrived much earlier than that and the gates were open so we were allowed to pay for our tickets and enter the fort.  (7EU per person).  We chose where to sit and then I went on the wander with my camera as I had wanted to see round some of the forts, and had been a little disappointed to find that none appeared to be open to the public.  Fort St. Elmo is currently used as a Police Academy/training centre.

Entering the fort



The re-enactment lasted for around an hour and the narration is given in English and other languages.  Be prepared for some rather large bangs as the canons and guns are fired!!

The firing squad!!

I hadn't really known what to expect from this re-enactment, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and the time passed very quickly indeed.  I was glad too that we had arrived early as, not only did we have front row seats, I had been able to have a wander around the fort.  On the way back out after the performance, areas that I had been in taking photos were either now closed or roped off so, if you do go to one of these, get there early so that you can have a look about first.

Once we left the fort, we then popped almost next door to have a look at the War Museum,  and found that very interesting too.  This is where the George Cross is displayed that was awarded to the island of Malta in 1942.

Entrance to museum

George Cross and letter

Replica of bomb shelter

After our visit here we wandered around for a while to try and find somewhere to eat that night as we found Sundays a bit tricky with many places being closed.  We found that the De Roberts Restaurant in the Castille Hotel was open and we booked for that night.  It is situated fairly close to our favourite viewpoint at Upper Barrakka Gardens and commands excellent views over the Grand Harbour. 

From the rooftop of the Castille Hotel

Higher than the arches of the Upper Barrakka Gardens
After a lovely meal it was back to the hotel for a nightcap on the balcony and to plan our last day - could not believe that our holiday was almost at and end!!

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