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Monday, 4 June 2012

Thursday 17th May

Well, we were up early and all ready in reception waiting for our pick-up for the cruise at 8 a.m.  We had noticed that it was a bit on the windy side, but had no idea about the disappointment awaiting us!  Another couple were also waiting to go on a cruise and they hadn't been picked up so went to check at reception.  A short time later, the same couple left the hotel walking, so I reckoned something wasn't quite right and decided to check with reception regarding our cruise.  That's when I discovered that it had been cancelled due to the weather conditions, but that it had been re-scheduled for the next day - weather permitting!!

So, that was that then, we had to find a Plan B!!  We surprised our travelling companions at breakfast - we were the last folks they were expecting to see!!  So, as they had planned to do a bit of shopping, we accompanied them round town and found more places that we hadn't been to, so more photo opportunities!!

Looking towards Upper Barrakka Gardens

War Memorial

Siege Bell Memorial

Lower Barrakka Gardens

Siege Bell Memorial

Siege Bell Memorial
After this, we then popped in to see the Knights Hospitallers exhibition, which was really excellent and very interesting.  It is well worth a visit.  Some photos:

You wouldn't get near me with a needle this size!!

After all of that it was lunchtime - back to the Upper Barrakka Gardens!! Then, after lunch, we felt a well-earned rest was required, so it was back to the hotel.  However, sunbathing at the pool was impossible because a really strong wind was blowing, and I was sort of glad that I wasn't out at sea on the Turkish Gullet!!

We also booked to go to a Village Festa that was taking place on Saturday 19th May in Tarxien, so that was yet another event to look forward to.  We were certainly packing in loads on this holiday and thoroughly enjoying it!!

After dinner that night it was back to the hotel early and fingers and toes were tightly crossed for a calm day to allow us to go on the cruise.

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